A special exhibition next to the Seattle Art Fair. Press: City Arts »

Exhibition Details ︎
August 2-5, 2018 | 255 S. King Street, 98104
Opening reception, Thursday, August 2nd 7-10 pm

1 ROOM: A group exhibition of works by studio e gallery and other Pacific Northwest artists.

Featuring: Complete artist list ︎
Brian Beck (studio e)
Daniel Carrillo (Greg Kucera Gallery)
Dawn Cerny (SEASON Gallery)
Brian Cypher (studio e)
Linda Davidson (G. Gibson Gallery)
Warren Dykeman (studio e)
Robert Hardgrave 
Alfred Harris

Andrea Joyce Heimer
Damien Hoar de Galvan (studio e)
David Hytone (Linda Hodges Gallery)
Fay Jones (James Harris Gallery)
Ken Kelly (studio e)
Sarah Norsworthy (studio e)
Helen O’Leary
Whiting Tennis (Greg Kucera Gallery)
Gillian Theobald (studio e)
Cappy Thompson (Traver Gallery)
Anthony White
Heather Wilcoxon (studio e)
Robert Yoder (Platform Gallery)


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