2 Gather 

September 18  –  October 16, 2021
2 Gather was a group exhibition of eighteen artists brought together by the idea of community as an antidote to despondency. We followed the artist’s rhizomatic connections to one another and selected works that questioned prevailing cultural narratives through lived experience. Using varied methods and techniques, these paintings explore the dynamic tethers that comprise our most intimate relationships and re-envision existing narrative forms within an increasingly destabilized cultural context.

This exhibition highlights the power of mark-making and line to carry sensibility, attitude, and emotion. Confident, tenuous, delicate, direct, shaky, bold, and messy, these works collectively illustrate a psychological space of shared vulnerability. By focusing on the individual ways that artists look lovingly at one another, 2 Gather resists the social fractures brought on by a hypermediated present and fosters the spirit of interdependence, kinship, and empathy that binds our community.

With love,
Whit, Matt, Polina

Kelly Bjork
Kadar Brock
Warren Dykeman
Kati Gegenheimer
Mark Gibson
Whitney Harris
Fay Jones
Matt Jones
Staver Klitgaard
Judy Koo
Jeremy Lawson
Keisha Prioleau-Martin
Ruth Rodriguez
Kristina Schmidt
Sydney Shavers
Polina Tereshina
Noelle Velez
Eric Wiley