Becoming American 

August 2  –  September 30, 2018
Becoming American is the first exhibition project of cefalonia. A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing international contemporary art to the Pacific Northwest through site-specific projects, the organization was founded by architect Aaron Bush, artist Cat Clifford, and curator Fionn Meade. Taking its name from the birthplace of Juan de Fuca (b. 1536 as Ioannis Phokas on the Ioanian island of Kefalonia), cefalonia is committed to working with artists and locales that reveal issues of ecology and the socio-political climate of our time while promoting public discourse through the presentation of challenging art. Becoming American, a multi-venue exhibition project hosted at the San Juan National Historical Park and three Seattle venues. 
Co-Curated by Cat Clifford & Fionn Meade
Dan Attoe
Korakrit Arunanondchai
Paul Stephen Benjamin
Gretchen Frances Bennett
Matthew Brannon
Cat Clifford
Jasper Johns
Brian Jungen
Eyvind Kang
Duane Linklater
Jeffry Mitchell
Lavar Munroe
Helen O'Leary
Jenny Perlin
Adrian Piper
Pope L.
R.H. Quaytman
Ruth Robbins
Aram Saroyan
Dori Scherer
Barbara Earl Thomas
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Anna Von Mertens
Marie Watt

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