Emily Counts & Ko Kirk Yamahira

July 17 –  Sept 12, 2020
“We both are creating bridges, loops and connections,” says Emily Counts, adding: “We want to bring happiness to the viewer.” Indeed, the current show manifests the artists’ understanding of art as a playground, where both meditative and hands-on experiences are fused in the joyful and tranquil presence of their art pieces. The artwork on display showcases the artists’ craft and sensitivity, offering intriguing, multifaceted ways of viewing. Each artist chooses an approach that may seem radically different (Counts focuses on connectivity, joining apparently incongruous objects into relationship chains, whereas Yamahira fashions solitary abstract objects by picking apart woven canvas threads and re-threading those on their re-composed frames). But as the dissimilar pieces communicate with one another, they reach a level of uncanny and profound intimacy, wielding the notion of belonging, togetherness and oneness: the core of true happiness for many, and a poignant message for current times. 
-Elena Deem

Video essay links:    ︎︎︎Emily Counts    &    ︎︎︎Ko Kirk Yamahira