Jessica Flores 
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Gray Magic:
Dec 10 - Jan 7, 2023, studio e, Seattle WA
Admirational Invitational: December, 2020 A group show of artists selected by current studio e artists.

Born in mexico, raised in the san francisco bay area, Jessica Flores is currently living and creating in portland oregon.

“my vocational background is in creative writing & have 6 years experience as a florist. i now dedicate my full time to beading, drawing, & painting. ukaome was launched in january of 2019. self taught, all designs are original and handwoven by myself. every piece is inspired by my roots, my home state of jalisco mx, its colors, and our beautiful people.
 I see beads as being representative of star dust, atoms, cells, pixels, tiles, scales, experiences; all things that must unite to make a whole. With beads I am able to paint what I imagine is the inner life of all living things, dancing in synchronicity and purpose, almost always in secret. This fascination (mixed with a complicated relationship to my OCD) led me to explore painting within grids and consequently transforming those ideas with beads, into more textural and alive pieces. Beading takes a lot of time and patience, as does evolution. Naturally, the pace of the natural world often wanders into the meditative process of weaving tiny bits together.”

Grey Magic, Dec - Jan 7, 2023