Molly Magai | #mollymagai

In here: 8.7.21 - 9.11.21 
10.1.18 – 11.3.18 
1 ROOM: August 2018, A special exhibition at The Avalara Hawk Tower during the Seattle Art Fair.
Urban/Suburban Memories: March 10 – April 15, 2017 Group show with Stephanie Buer, Jon B. Dove, Ann Duffy, and Karen Woods. 
Port City: 6.13.15 – 7.4.15 Oil paintings by Molly Magai  

Periphery, 2018  In her latest solo show, Molly Magai continues to explore the world of highways and factories as intriguing, barely noticed peripheral spaces. The manmade structures and increasingly important natural elements, perceived by a peripheral vision, are often rendered in a near abstract gesture. Magai’s portraiture of nature, influenced by her fear of environmental collapse, grants her industrial landscapes a novel, introspective dimension.  
-Elena Deem
Molly Magai’s work is concerned with speed, perception, transportation infrastructure, the unexpectedness of reality, and the slow Armageddon of climate change. Her oil paintings capture fleeting glimpses seen from a moving vehicle.

Molly grew up steeped in the industrial landscape, in Cleveland, Ohio. She’s a graduate of Bennington College and participated in SUNY’s Studio Semester in New York. She has lived in Seattle, Washington, since 1992. Molly is a gallery artist at studio e gallery in Seattle, is part of the King County Art Collection, and has shown her work at many other venues in Seattle and throughout the United States, including in New York City, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.