Molly Magai | #mollymagai

Periphery: October 1-November 3, 2018 
1 ROOM: August 2018, A special exhibition at The Avalara Hawk Tower during the Seattle Art Fair.
Urban/Suburban Memories: March 10 – April 15, 2017 Group show with Stephanie Buer, Jon B. Dove, Ann Duffy, and Karen Woods. 
Port City: Oil paintings by Molly Magai
June 13 – July 4, 2015
I paint the landscape in motion, as we usually see it, from our cars. I work from photographs that I take from a moving vehicle. The image is filtered through the windshield, and then through a camera, before I paint it. Using a 500-year-old medium, oil painting, I faithfully reproduce halos and blurs that result from the camera’s inability to cope with motion and low light. In this way I contrast the natural process of eyesight, and the old process of painting, with newer, technological processes, just as nature and technology are contrasted in the landscape itself.