Warren Dykeman 
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Indie Folk, May 2020, curated by Melissa E. Feldman at Adams and Ollman, Portland OR
Organic Archival:
Dec, 2019
Attention Span: Nov. 8 - Dec. 22, 2018
Volta NY: March 7 – 11, 2018
Would I go home again?: October 2016, Solo show
Glue: September 9 - October 15, 2016, Group show
Yellow: May 7 – June 4, 2016, Group show with: Gillian Theobald, Warren Dykeman, Robert Hardgrave, Brian Beck, Carole d’Inverno, Heather Wilcoxon, and Helen O’Leary
Drawn to Scale: Brian Cypher, Sue Danielson, Warren Dykeman, Emily Gherard and Robert Hardgrave, August, 2015
Attention Span, 2018
Warren Dykeman continues to hunt for “the right kind of wrong” as he merges folk art Neo-primitive graphic art and typography in his latest mixed-media collaged paintings.  
In Attention Span, his second solo exhibition with studio e, Dykeman has integrated digital designing tools into his creative process which still focuses on the tangible physicality of his works complete with the bruises of their journey to becoming. The resulting works showcase the artist’s signature iconography including exquisite weeds, “big dumb boots”, potted shrubbery, flaming wigs, floating scaffolding, and mysterious silhouetted figures all jostling one another in disarming confrontation.

Indie Folk, 2020
Dykeman’s day job in commercial design carries over to his after-hours art practice in the typefaces, logo-like iconography, and road-sign graphics that fill his paintings, drawings, and objects. But the two are night and day in terms of messaging: clear and concrete versus opaque, impenetrable, and surreal. At the same time, there is a strong affinity with “the awkwardness of folk art,” he says, and the boldness of Northwest Coast Indigenous art as well as the work of contemporary artists he admires such as Jacob Lawrence, Faye Jones, Bill Traylor, and Keith Haring.

—Melissa E. Feldman