April 11 - May 18, 2019
The Perfume Counter: Dawn Cerny & Damien Hoar de Galvan
A collaborative 2-artist, 2-gallery exhibition.
Open late for Georgetown Art Attack, Saturday May 10th 6-9pm
Artist Talk date TBD
Dawn Cerny and Damien Hoar de Galvan share an aesthetic that is both formal and reductive while maintaining a sense of fun and curiosity.  Both artists offer objects that allow us to contemplate their function, texture, and relation to the human body. Also, when shown together, Cerny and Hoar de Galvan address issues of usefulness and create a tension of belief --albeit fragile.” -Robert Yoder, SEASON


June 7 - 29, 2019 
19600 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon, WA 98070
Opening reception: Friday, June 7th 6-9pm
June 22nd, Artwalk with Jim Demetre at noon and 1pm

Tue-Fri : 10-3pm
Saturday: 12-4pm

James Arzente
Brian Beck
Cat Clifford
Brian Cypher
Michael Doyle
Warren Dykeman
Marilyn Frasca
Damien Hoar de Galvan
David E. Kearns
Paul Komada
Molly Magai
Kate Murphy
Sarah Norsworthy
Tuan Nguyen
Sue Rose
Brian Sanchez
Gabriel Stromberg
Emily Tanner-McLean
Gillian Theobald
Cappy Thompson

June 29 – August 4, 2019
Opening reception July 13th 6-9pm
"Uses of History" offers an idiosyncratic sampling of ways in which selected artists--approximately ten hailing from the Pacific Northwest and points beyond--engage with history and historical paradigms.  These approaches include redeploying vintage materials and imagery (e.g, the late D.E. May of Salem, Oregon; Berlin-based Cypriot Haris Epaminonda), appropriating cultural signifiers (Vancouver B.C.’s Kathy Slade), and reviving indigenous cultural and artisanal practices (Coast Salish weaver Danielle Morsette). Many of the artists find their muse in eras, events, sensibilities, and art of the past (British artist Jeremy Deller, Seattle’s Denzil Hurley and the late Jacob Lawrence, Portland-based Ellen Lesperance). Curated by Melissa E. Feldman, the show features work in a variety of media including hand-sewn banners, industrial embroideries, painting and sculpture. “Uses of History” also represents the North American debut of films by Turner prize-winner Deller, one of the most important British artists of his generation, and Epaminonda whose film Chimera (2019) received the Venice Biennale’s Silver Lion prize this year.

The Eyes Have It
August 10-31, 2019
Opening Reception August 10th 6-9pm
The Eyes Have It is a A show of works by an international group of friends, orchastrated by Tim Kerr
Artist include: 
Merrilee Challis | Karoline Collins | Coulter Fussel | HiDutch | Jim Houser | Jordin Isip | Rich Jacobs | Mel Kadell | Jon Langford | Travis Millard | Nathaniel Russell | Yusuke | Michael Sieben | Tim Kerr

“Community is based on sharing with friends, so here are some of my friends I would like to share with you”. -Tim Kerr


Feburary 14 - April 6
Opening Reception March 9th, 6-9pm
Solids and Voids: Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent with contributions by Gabriel Stromberg
‘Often constrained by the rational limitations of production, this new collection of works explore a need for unabashed creative freedom.
Neither objects, nor architecture while still referencing both in scale, vernacular and materiality. Designed to engage the audience in a conversation between the familiar and unfamiliar.
These tactile experiments aim to give form to the unknown, clear reservoirs, and celebrate creating without boundaries.
Sallyann Corn and Joseph Kent are Seattle-based Designers by practice. Their studio, fruitsuper aims to elevate the everyday.
Solids and Voids is a new collection of 2D and 3D abstractions including multiple contributions from Gabriel Stromberg.

3.7.19 Art on Paper Art Fair, New York: Brian Cypher & Sarah Norsworthy
1.3.19 Green Fuse: Sarah Norsworthy

11.8.18 Attention Span: Warren Dykeman 
Artist talk with Melissa Feldman on December 1st at 4pm.
10.27.18 Pantry: Michael Doyle
10.1.18 Periphery: Molly Magai
8.3.18 Becoming American: Dan Attoe | Korakrit Arunanondchai | Paul Stephen Benjamin | Gretchen Frances Bennett | Matthew Brannon| Jasper Johns | Brian Jungen | Jeffry Mitchell | Lavar Munroe | Helen O'Leary | Jenny Perlin | Adrian Piper | Pope L. | Ruth Robbins | Dori Scherer | Barbara Earl Thomas | Rodrigo Valenzuela  Curated by Fionn Meade and Cat Cilifford
8.1.18 1 ROOM A special exhibition at Avalara Hawk Tower 
5.25.18  Land Ho: Ken Kelly
4.13.18 Absence: Saul Becker | Mathew Borrett | Stephanie Buer | Madison Vander Ark Curated by Can Gulan
3.10.18  Thicket: Brian Cypher | Rachel Maxi | Sarah Norsworthy | Tyler Keeton Robbins
March 7-11, 2018 Volta New York.  Warren Dykeman & Damien Hoar de Galvan
1.27.18 21st Annual Neddy Artists Awards Exhibition Curated by Melissa Feldman

12.1.17  rot: Brian Beck
10.13.17  When You Were There You Knew the Language: Gillian Theobald
9.9.17  Everybody Knows: Brian Cypher & Damien Hoar de Galvan
7.1.17  Treasure Island: Alfred Harris | Ken Kelly | Jeffry Mitchell
4.29.17  PULP: Robert Hardgrave
3.10.17  Urban/Suburban Memories: Stephanie Buer | Jon B. Dove | Ann Duffy | Molly Magai | Karen Woods. Curated by Can Gulan
2.3.17  CHRONOTOPE - b&w analog photography show: Zeb Andrews | Yulia Kazban | Aleksey Myakishev | Junku Nishimura, Shannon Richardson | Przemek Strzelecki | Sasha Veledzimovich Curated by Netra Nei
1.27.17 KITCH /take 2, at the alice: Emily Burns | Caroline Wells Chandler | Kyla Hansen | Paul Komada | Caroline Larsen | Karen Lederer | Emily Silver | Whiting Tennis

12.10.16 KITCH: Caroline Wells Chandler | Kyla Hansen | Paul Komada | Caroline Larsen | Karen Lederer | Emily Silver Co-curated by Emily Burns & Kelsey Seigert
10. 21.16  Would I go Home Again?: Warren Dykeman
9.9.16 GLUE: Brian Cypher | Damien Hoar de Galvan | Warren Dykeman | John Rizzotto | Curtis Steiner | Gillian Theobald | Heather Wilcoxon
8.1.16  3 ROOMS:at King Street Station: Brian Beck | Brian Cypher | Carole d'Inverno | Waren Dykeman | Robert Hardgrave | Damien Hoar de Galvan | Rachel Illingworth | Helen O'Leary | Gillian Theobald | Heather Wilcoxon
7.9.16 Let’s explode in a Climaxical burst of Being Here: Tim Kerr
6.10.16  Short Stories: Tim Marsden

5.7.16 Yellow: Brian Beck | Brian Cypher | Carole d'Inverno | Warren Dykeman | Robert Hardgrave | Helen O'Leary | Gillian Theobald | Heather Wilcoxon
3.12.16  Far West: Carole d'Inverno
2.13.16 Timorous Beasties: International group photography exhibition  Curated by Netra Nei
1.9.16 Tobey in Blue: Curtis Steiner

11.14.15 OBJECT: Scott Talley
10.10.15 Littoral: Juliet Shen Curated by Beth Cullom
9.12.15 Hinterland: Brian Cypher 
8.8.15  Drawn to Scale: Brian Cypher | Sue Danielson | Warren Dykeman | Emily Ghrerad | Robert Hardgrave
7.11.15 Obsolescence: Brian Beck
7.11.15 Willow: Daniel Mount
6.13.15 Port City: Molly Magai
5.9.15  Die Kopie: Robert Hardgrave curated by Beth Cullom
4.11.15 Souvenir: Sallyann Corn | Joe Kent | Gabriel Stromberg
3.14.15 MIXT no.1: International group street photography show Curated by Netra Nei
1.10.15 PaperWork: Magda Baker | Marilyn Frasca | Rachel Illingworth 

11.8.14    Road Show: Tim Fowler
9.13.14    One Artist, Two Shows:  John Rizzotto
7.12.14    Garden Walk: Brian Beck | Jon B. Dove | Dawna Holloway